My Vice is Better Than Yours


What is the difference between snorting cocaine and binging on doughnuts?

To your body, not much. 

According to the most recent scientific studies, sugar is more addictive than cocaine. In fact, when given both sugar water and cocaine, lab rats choose sugar water over cocaine every time. 

So, why is that we look down on drug users, people with eating disorders, alcoholics, cutters, etc. but food addicts are given a pass? 

Is it so bad that Ariana Grande licked a few doughnuts to make a point? 

Yeah, that’s pretty bad. 

But the fact still remains that obesity is at an all-time high and it’s taking out more people than ever before. Your vice may be top-shelf vodka. Hers may be nose candy. And mine may be chocolate bars. Does my addiction make me better than you? Is my vice better than yours? 

Considering that they all lead to the same place, the grave, I don’t think so. 

You keep getting drunk every night, end up with liver disease and die of a brain aneurysm. 

She keeps snorting cocaine and dies of an overdose. 

I keep eating refined sugars and trans fat, get diabetes and heart disease, and die of a heart attack and with a few amputated limbs. 

We are all addicts. And one addiction is not better than the other. They are all addictions. They all kill. 

We all need to wake up, get clean, and move on. 

Until next time pretty girl! 


2 thoughts on “My Vice is Better Than Yours

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  1. A food addict, or binge eater is a type of eating disorder. I believe everything is ok in balance and moderation. I completely understand your point but wanted to clarify the opposite end- sugar is found in healthy foods like fruit too! Moderation and balance is key! 🙂

    1. That is very true. But I think it depends on the person. For some people, everything isn’t okay in moderation. For example, I have a friend that cannot eat any sugar in moderation, not even fruit. She is pre-diabetic and one cookie becomes the entire bag, one slice of watermelon becomes the entire watermelon. For some people, especially African-American women, sugar in any form is dangerous. Studies have found that black women lose weight at a slower rate than their white counterparts when following the same diet and exercise program. Also, research states that your body cannot tell the difference between natural sugars like the ones found in fruit and processed sugars like the ones found in doughnuts. To the body, all sugar is the same, because molecularly it is the same. This post is not about binge eating. It is about the addictive properties of sugar. And sugar is crack cocaine, on steroids.

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