PGR Product of the Month

The Pretty Girl’s Review product of the month for July is this amazing Maybelline Great Lash mascara in ‘blackest black.’ This is hands down the best mascara on Earth. It has been an Allure beauty product must-have for years. I can remember my mom putting in on when I was younger. That’s how long it’s been around. It is the only mascara she has ever used and her lashes are amazing. 

Me, on the other hand, I have tried all of the new and fancy mascaras. I have tried falsies, lash growth serum, 3D fiber lashes, and I have even had eyelash extensions put on professionally. All those treatments left me with sparse and translucent eyelashes. Ugh. 

I finally went back to the tried and true Great Lash and after a month of using only this mascara, my eyelashes are back. They are dark and full and luscious and long and everything. This mascara gives me life. 

Until next time pretty girl! 


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