Love Behind the Scenes 

We post how we are feeling on Facebook. We tweet about what we’re doing on Twitter. We Snapchat pics of ourselves “in the moment.” We upload pictures and videos of our lives through Instagram and Vine. We FaceTime, instant message, text message, email and call, letting others in on our joys, our worries, our sorrows and pains. 

No matter how private we try to be, our neighbors still hear our arguments through the walls. Our families still take sides in our fights. We still vent to our friends about the other’s misgivings and wrongdoings. Our son watches us as we scream and yell over things that do not matter.

Our love is not what you see on Instagram. Our love is not a picture posted on a social media site. Those are the superficial moments. Those are the things we want others to see. 

Our love is not what you hear during the bad times.  Our love is not an argument, a disagreement or a misunderstanding. Our love cannot be defined by moments of imperfection. Those are the supercilious moments. Those are the things we don’t want others to see. 

Our love lies in between. Our love is when you text me just to tell me how beautiful I am. Or when you buy me chocolate on your way home from working 12 hours. Or when you pray for us to continue to be better at being us. Our love is when I have dinner waiting for you when you come home. Or when I get up with Carter so you can sleep a few extra hours. Or when I take care of things so you don’t have to. 

Our love is embedded in the intimate moments that you and I share alone. When it is just you and me. When we are face to face, listening to each other’s heartbeats. 

These moments will not be televised. 
Our love is behind the scenes. 


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