On Khloe Kardashian 


It is undeniable. 

Khloe Kardashian is hot. 

Smoking hot. 

She went from the supposed “ugly duckling” sister to the belle of the Kardashian ball. But, her rise to the beauty pack is not without its blemishes. There are rumors that she had plastic surgery and that her body (more specifically, her booty) is not real. 
According to social media sites, Khloe underwent a Brazilian butt lift operation performed by a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon as well as having liposuction on her stomach, thighs and arms. 

I always find it funny how we like to judge celebrities for having plastic surgery. Yet, we expect  them to remain flawless without an ounce of fat anywhere (except in the right places). We expect them to uphold body images that are just not physically realistic. There is no such thing as a tiny waist and big hips and butt, unless you were genetically born with a pear shape. For the rest of us, this body type isn’t achievable without the help of a fantastic plastic surgeon. 

Yet, we continue to believe the hype. The skinnier the better. Fat is a sign of weakness. What’s a waist? 

Literally, any celebrity that gains 10 pounds is considered morbidly obese. 

Just look at Jessica Simpon and Kelly Clarkson. The minute they put on a few pounds, people began to crucify them, calling them fat, overweight and obese. Is it any wonder why celebrities often resort to extreme diets and surgery? 

Whether or not Khloe had work done is her business. Either way, she looks fabulous. And judging by those muscles and her Instagram posts, she’s been putting in work at the gym.  I’m glad she’s finally coming into her own as a beautiful woman. 

Until next time pretty girl. 


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