Can Women Really Get Along?

   "I don't get along with females." "I don't chill with females." "Most of my friends are males." "Women are petty and childish." I've heard women say these things. I've even said them myself at times. But, honestly, can women really get along?  I think the issues between women being able to coexist comes from... Continue Reading →


The Woman Makes the Shoes

   While I love a Jimmy Choo, there is something so appealing about a woman that can rock a nice pair of kicks.  In my twenties, I used to wear heels, cute flats, or flirty sandals all the time. The only time I wore a pair of sneakers was to work out.  However, now that... Continue Reading →

On Being Unfaithful 

   My husband and I were having a discussion about this in the car today. We are usually very open and honest with each other about everything and there is no subject in our marriage that is off limits. We've even talked about people we find attractive (and we tease each other about it often). ... Continue Reading →

On Having Children 

   I never wanted to have children. You know that motherly instinct all women are supposedly born with, yeah, mine was broken, or nonexistent. I didn't even like kids. When I held other people's children, it was always awkward. I felt like they knew I didn't like them and that they didn't like me either.... Continue Reading →

Unique Hair Colors

   More and more, I am falling in love with hair color that is not, well, a natural hair color. In the past, when we wanted to try something new, we'd dye our hair a new shade of blonde, black, brown, or red. But lately, women have been stepping out of the box and going... Continue Reading →

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