Can Women Really Get Along?

“I don’t get along with females.”

“I don’t chill with females.”

“Most of my friends are males.”

“Women are petty and childish.”

I’ve heard women say these things. I’ve even said them myself at times. But, honestly, can women really get along? 

I think the issues between women being able to coexist comes from our constant need to compete with each other. When we see a beautiful woman walking down the street, instead of acknowledging her beauty, we somehow see her beauty as an affront to ours. We begin to compare ourselves to her. Is her hair cuter than mine? Is her makeup better than mine? Is her body better than mine? Does she look better than me? 

In order for us to preserve a measure of our own self-confidence, we have to break down other women that we perceive to be threats to our superficial beings. 

But, what would happen if, the next time we saw a beautiful woman walking down the street, we smiled and gave her a compliment on her cute shoes or nice bag? 

What would happen if we stopped competing with each other and started empowering each other, respecting each other, and building empires together? 

Individually, we are all powerful pretty girls. But, together, we are unstoppable. 


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