Weigh Yourself Everyday 

So, I’ve been on a mission to lose weight. I have a vision of what I want my body to look like. I have an idea of what size I want to wear and want number I want to see on the scale. And I’m really making strides to get to this goal. 

So far, I’ve lost about 25 pounds in a month and a half, which is pretty good. 

One of the biggest motivating factors is weighing in everyday. Since I’ve been getting on the scale every day, I’ve noticed a couple of things. I’ve noticed that overall my weight fluctuates, but it continues to go down when I eat well and move more. I’ve also noticed that it keeps me from eating something I shouldn’t eat, because I don’t want my weight to go back up, especially since I’m working my butt off to lose this weight. 

Sure, there are times when I step on the scale and see a loss and it makes my day. Then there are times when I step on the scale and see no loss, which makes me a little depressed. Then there are times when I step on the scale and see a gain and I don’t even want to leave the house. 

However, when there is a gain, I know why. It’s because of the fast food I ate, or the fact that I didn’t work out. 

Weighing myself daily holds me accountable and makes me want to work that much harder to watch that number go down, and down, and down. 

And it is the one thing that is completely in my control. 

It’s also in your control too pretty girl! 

*I will say that some people may say that you shouldn’t weigh every day because your weight fluctuates. But I’m like, duh! Weighing every day puts the power back in your hands. You’re able to see those fluctuations and learn your body. You’re also able to notice patterns and get your weight gain under control. For example, if you weigh every day, you may notice that you’re up one day, down another, the same another, and so on. But if you reserve one day to weigh-in as the holy Mecca of weigh-in days, if you’re up, you’re going to be pissed and you’re going to quit because you put all of your eggs in that one weigh-day basket. And if it takes you two years to lose 50 pounds, just stay fat. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 


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