DIY Nails 


Do your own nails for less than $10. And have it last for up to 10 days!

I was one of those girls that had to go and get her nails done every two weeks for years. But then, to save money, I decided to start doing my own nails. I found that for less than half the money I could get a really nice full set. And now so can you. 


  • Nail File
  • Pack of artificial nails 
  • Brush-on nail glue 
  • Extra strength nail glue 
  • Nail clippers 

Step 1: lightly buff your natural nails with the nail file. Then wash and dry your hands. 

Step 2: find a nail that will fit your pinky nail. Brush your natural nail with the brush-on nail glue. Then cover the bottom portion of the artificial nail with extra strength nail glue. Hold down the artificial nail to your real nail for a least 30 seconds to ensure a tight bond and to prevent any air pockets. Repeat for all nails. 

Step 3: clip the artificial nail short to a natural length. 

Step 4: file the artificial nail until smooth. 

If done correctly, these nails should last for up to 10 days. Once they began to break off, soak your nails in an acetone solution or warm soapy water and remove all nails. You can allow your nails a week or two to breathe or you could apply an entirely new set. 


  • Less expensive 
  •  No appointments, lines, or people talking about you in another language
  • Ability to change nails as often as you like 
  • More natural looking nails 
  • Prevents nail biting
  • No drying time 
  • Not ridges or damage to your natural nails
  • Nail growth 


  • Doesn’t last as long as a professional full set. 
  • Doing your nails yourself and making them look good takes practice. 

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  1. Love this! A lot of people are using reds and grays for fall polish, but I’m really into the white/light pink look. And the silver detail really pulls it together, great post!

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