The Inner Workings of an Overworked Mind

   When I am quiet, I am thinking. There is a loudness in my mind. A churning, a working, an invisible gathering in my mind that you cannot see.  That is not obvious on the outside.  The outside of calm, peace, serenity. It seems as if I have it all together. That there are no... Continue Reading →


Neutral Nail Obsession 

   I am in love with the natural, clear, square nail look. When nails look natural and polished and matte or neutral, I feel they compliment a woman's femininity and enhances her look without detracting from it. 

Every Woman is Insecure

   Women are insecure.   All women are insecure.  Why? Because we live in a world where women like Serena Williams are called manly.  A pregnant Kim Kardashian is called fat.  A slimmer Beyonce is called sickly.   Basically, women are insecure because there is no pleasing anyone.  There is no body type that is considered... Continue Reading →

I Love You, I Do

    They say marriage isn't easy.  After you say, "I do," is when the real work begins.  And it is work.  Work to find a balance between life and love.  Between the you that was you and is you and the you that is now us.  Us.  But I love you.  I do.  I love... Continue Reading →


   I mourn for the us that was.   The us that used to be.   We are no longer those people.   You are not who you were.   I am not who I was.  I am in love with the guy I used to know.  But he is not you.  You are not him.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Letting Go

   Time travel is not real. There is no DeLorean that can transport you back into time in order to right your wrongs, or do things differently.   If there were, we would all be in line for an infinite amount of do-overs.  Instead, we have to sleep in the bed we have made. We... Continue Reading →

Holly Golightly

   This is my favorite movie for a number of reasons, the first being that it centers around Tiffany's, which is all about the ultimate jewelry experience.  Then, it stars Audrey Hepburn, who, like me, was a self-proclaimed introvert as well as an extremely wonderful actress.  Finally, she played the amazing Holly Golightly, who is... Continue Reading →

What I Would Tell My Daughter 

   As of right now, I have one child. A handsome, amazing, wonderfully terrific two-year-old son! But, if I had a daughter, there are some things that I would tell her every single day.  1. You are beautiful. I wouldn't let a day go by without telling her how beautiful she was, inside and out.... Continue Reading →

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