Clark Kent

So, I have an astigmatism. I’ve been to the eye doctor maybe three times. I’ve had two pairs of glasses in the past 32 years. My doctor says I don’t need them all the time…only when I’m trying to see far away. 

I have never been big on wearing my glasses, so I don’t. Or at least I didn’t. I would just squint when I needed to see. But, after my son, my eyes have gotten progressively worse to the point where I wear them more than not because squinting no longer works (and it causes wrinkles, eek!). 

I’ve thought about contacts, but I can’t stand having anything in my eyes, not even eye drops. I’m still contemplating laser surgery. 

However, this big frames trend has really inspired me to go back to the optometrist and get a new pair of glasses. And I think I might actually enjoy wearing them now because big frames are so….well, pretty girl. 


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