For Better or Worse 

Marriage is not a straight line of good times. Marriage is more of a curved line, much like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, ebbs and flows. There are moments when everything is going well and you couldn’t be happier. Then there are moments when everything has fallen apart and you feel divorce is on the horizon.

That’s just marriage.

The key to any successful marriage is having each other’s back during the hard times. During the “for worse” part. Because, let’s face it. Anyone can keep their vows when everything is “for better.” But when life happens…illness, job loss, money problems, car issues, disagreements…it’s a lot harder to stay positive, optimistic and to work as a team to get through it. But, these are the times that really show what your marriage is made of.

A successful marriage isn’t the one without problems and arguments. A successful marriage is the one that’s still standing strong after the storm.


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