Six Months Later, My Updated Review

I’ve had my Apple Watch for almost six months now, so I’d like to give you pretty girls and updated review. 

For what it’s worth, I like it. I’m not in love, but I am in like. 


  • Convenience. I love being able to check notifications, emails, text messages and phone calls without having to look at my phone. 
  • Looks. I think it’s very pretty. I recently got a new band, the pink vintage rose one, and it’s so pretty, especially against my skin. I also love the watch faces. 
  • Fitness. I love being able to track my workouts and measure my steps and calories burned so easily. No chest strap. I can track any workout with the push of a button. 
  • The update. The update, although long overdue, has improved Apple Music and the watch face options, which is really nice. 


  • I hate that they came out with the gold sport after releasing the first sport models. If I would have known they were going to make a gold sport I would have waited, because I think I’d like the gold more than the silver. 
  • The phone volume. It’s almost impossible to use the phone feature because you have to scream and hold it up to your ear to hear anything. I’m sure they’ll fix this issue with the next generation. 
  • No camera. Being able to take a timed selfie with your watch would be so amazing. No need for a selfie-stick. Just press the Digital Crown for the countdown, hold up your wrist and take a gorgeous selfie. 
  • The price. While I love Apple, in my opinion, this watch should sell for no more than $199. Especially for what it does (and doesn’t do) and the fact that it’s double the price of Android model watches. 

So, would I recommend you get one? That’s the question I’m always asked. And I say, yes, if you’re an Apple product fan. But I would go with the most basic model, because, just like with the iPhone, the watch will be obsolete in a year or two. 


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