Why Can’t We Both Be Beautiful?

As women, we have a bad habit of putting each other down and making each other feel less than for no reason at all but for our own insecurities. 

When one woman posts a selfie on Instagram, another woman’s natural inclination is to compare herself to this woman. Is she prettier than me? Thinner than me? Does her beauty somehow diminish mine? What does she have that I don’t have? Do men think she looks better than me? Do I? 

I’d like for women to stop giving in to this natural inclination to compare themselves to other women. I’d like for women to be able to see a picture of a beautiful woman or to pass a beautiful woman on the street and to sincerely recognize and appreciate her beauty for what it is…her beauty. And her beauty has nothing to do with your beauty

You can both be beautiful at the same time. It’s not either, or. It’s not, who’s prettier. We are all beautiful in every moment. Our beauty can coexist peacefully within this vast and abundant universe. 

On a clear night, the stars can be seen shining brightly in the sky. They are all beautiful, each and every one of them. Individually they are impressive, but together, they are breathtaking. One star doesn’t compare its shine to another star. One star doesn’t dim itself or brighten itself based on insecurities. Stars just shine. 

We are stars pretty girls. Individually, we are impressive, but together, together we are awe-inspiring. I can shine and you can shine and we can all shine. 

Shine pretty girl. Shine. 


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