You Are a Pretty Girl! 

I’ve had this blog for over a year now, and I’m proud to say that it has become a true reflection of me. 

I named it “Pretty Girl’s Review” because that’s how I’ve always viewed myself, as a pretty girl. I also named it “Pretty Girl’s Review” because that’s how I see all of you, as pretty girls (and guys)! 

I felt like there wasn’t enough self-love in the world. Like it was okay to call yourself fat or ugly, but conceited or narcissistic to call yourself pretty or handsome. Or smart. Or funny. 

A conversation with a group of women would invariably turn into a self-loathing, body-bashing session consisting of a dialogue of whose thighs where the biggest, who’d gained the most weight and the inevitable diet of the month. 

But, what would happen if women began to come together and talk about positive things, like makeup tips, an awesome selfie, a magical moment with someone they loved, or about how beautiful they felt today? 

This is the blog for that. It’s a place to come and feel beautiful. I write about things that I care about the most: family, friends, love, beauty, fitness & overall lifestyle. I muse and give opinions on the things you really care about. 

Most importantly, I leave you feeling like a pretty girl. 

And who wouldn’t want that? 


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