A Moment of Silence 

I live a life where people talk to me, at me, and around me on a daily basis. I work with people that talk just to hear themselves talk. That ask questions they can easily get the answers to on their own. That continue to talk even when I put in my Bluetooth headphones. Even when I turn the other way, drop eye contact and move to the other side of the room. With people that continue talking to me long after I’ve walked away. That disturb me with group text messages that go on for hours. That “find” me just to continue talking to me. That see me intently focused on my work and stop me in order to tell me something completely irrelevant to my life. 

And during these moments I wonder, what ever happened to the beauty of silence? 

Sometimes I drive without the radio on, and just allow the silence to envelop me in its sweet embrace. 

Sometimes I sit alone and just revel in not hearing anyone speak. 

Those moments are few and far between, but I embrace each and every one of them. 


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