The One Device To Rule Them All


In ‘Lord of the Rings,’ there were rings for all the leaders of the world, but one ring to rule them all. 

I would venture to say that for most people, their smartphone is the one device that rules all other electronic devices. 

It wakes us up in the mornings. It tells us the weather outside and even gives us fashion advice. It tells us about traffic accidents on the way to work and gives us the best route to follow. It keeps us entertained with music while we work. We can even take a break and scroll through pictures on Instagram, posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. 

It tells us the time, makes dinner reservations, keeps us informed on news around the world, and keeps us connected with friends and loved ones. We can use it to track a workout, sleep patterns or a diet plan. It can even remind us to take our medication, schedule that doctor’s appointment or let us see our weekly calendar of plans at a glance. 

Artists can paint on them. Writers can write entire novels on them. Photographers can take breathtaking pictures on them. Videographers can document moments in time on them. Musicians can produce entire albums on them. 

We can literally do anything and everything on and with our phones. They have become so much more than communication devices. 

They can replace our computers, televisions, radios, GPS systems, digital cameras, camcorders, heart rate monitors, watches, books, music libraries, DVD players, and on and on. 

These handheld devices that we carry around with us in our pockets and purses are literally the most amazing inventions ever and they just continue to get better and better. 

If we accidentally leave it at home, we rush back to get it. We check to make sure we have it with us several times a day. People everywhere can be heard asking the most asked question in the world, “Where’s my phone?” And if we lose them or if they are stolen, our lives are over. The world stops rotating and we cannot go on until they are found or promptly replaced. 

We are always holding them, caressing them, and whispering, “My precious.” 

While there are many techonological advances in this 21st century life, the smartphone is by far the one device to rule them all. 


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