Tribute or Exploitation?

 Ever since Chris Brown posted the cover of his upcoming album on his Instagram account four days ago, I’ve been wondering what exactly we can expect from this album. 

I am not a Chris Brown fan, however, I have always respected his talents in the ways of singing, dancing and entertaining. Certain songs, such as ‘Run It!,’ ‘Yo,’ and what is, in my opinion, his best song ever, ‘Forever,’ bring feelings of extreme nostalgia. And for that, I will be forever grateful to him. I mean, without ‘Forever’ we wouldn’t have the epic wedding dance down the aisle on ‘The Office.’

I say all of that to say that we never know what to expect from C Breezy. He could make us dance, serenade us with smooth R&B love songs, take us down with steamy ballads oozing in sex, tell us about how these hoes aren’t loyal, or perhaps some super eclectic blend of all of the above.

Whatever the case may be, I hope that the cover drives the content. I hope that his choice to title this album ‘Royalty’ and to put his daughter on the cover means that we can expect a deeper level of symbolism and a maturity to his music that we’ve never heard before. I hope that this is not just some marketing ploy to get people talking and to sell albums. 

I hope that it’s not riddled with songs about sex, drugs, alcohol and misogyny. I hope that when his daughter is old enough to listen to it, she is able to grasp the meaning of his words and that it symbolizes their relationship as a grander representation of every father/daughter relationship and that it builds her (and all other women) up and truly makes us all feel like royalty. 


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