5 Things I Like About Muva


1. Her unique beauty. You know who she is as soon as you see her, with those stiletto heels and that buzz cut. And she owns this look. It’s her signature look and she looks better without hair than most women look with a head full of it. 

2. Her MIL* Status. How a woman looks so incredible after having a child I don’t know, but she is definitely one hot mama. 

3. Her hustle. She took a mediocre ‘modeling’ career and flipped it into a few music video cameos and then married Wiz and had his baby. She could have decided to sit back and live on alimony and child support (like most women), but instead, she’s on Instagram making money through endorsements and branding. She’s also made her own line of eyewear and has a book coming out on Tuesday. 

4. Her confidence. No matter how mean people are to her, she remains undisturbed. She doesn’t let anything get to her and even if it does, she doesn’t let it show. When people called her a slut, she embraced it and hosted a slut walk. Take that haters! 

5. She took down the Kardashians. Any woman that can put those bandit of misfits in their place is a woman after my own heart. Btw, Kim K., Kanye smiled a lot more when he was with Amber. Just saying. 


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