Leave My Hair Alone

Okay pretty girls, let’s shut down this debate once and for all. 

The big thing now is going natural. For the past few years, everyone has been documenting their ‘big chop’ and hair transition from permed to natural. To all of the women that have embraced their natural hair, I salute you. It is a wonderful thing when you stop conforming to what society asks you to be and you start being who you were born to be. Kudos to you. 

With that being said, leave the rest of us alone. Stop trying to get everyone to join the natural hair bandwagon. Not everyone wants to wear their hair natural. This is America, isn’t it? The last time I checked, there weren’t any laws that said I couldn’t perm my hair. Or weave it. Or throw a wig on top of it. Or chop it all off. Or dye it. Or curl it. Or braid it. 

To be honest, I haven’t worn my natural hair in about ten years. Sure, my hair is natural underneath, but I’ve made a conscious decision,  and a personal decision, to wear weaves and wigs. It’s just what I do. And you know what? It’s none of your business. 

Just like it’s none of my business what you choose to do with your hair because it’s your hair. We as Black women have got to stop trying to judge other women based on their hair. 

And if I hear the Africa argument one more time. We are from Africa and women in Africa wear natural hair. I live above Africans, and they wear more weave than I do. I used to date a guy from Kenya and he loved my weave. Just saying.  

I should be happy with the hair I was born with? Okay. You should be happy with the face you were born with, so stop slathering all that makeup all over it. 

I’m trying to appeal to white America? Uhm, okay, but you do realize that some white women have pretty crappy looking hair. I mean, I’m not seeing Pantene commercial hair every where I go. And when I go to the beauty supply store, I see white people and Hispanics buying hair, just like me. It’s called Indian Remy, not Caucasian Remy.  

Anything else? 


Let’s not have this conversation again. 

*drops mic* 


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