My Love/Hate Relationship with Miguel

Let me start by saying that I am not a Miguel fan. I am, however, a fan of his creativity. Certain songs that he has written and/or performed are some of the greatest gifts ever given to the R&B music industry. 

In a world where Ne-yo can tell people that things are in a box to the left, to the left…Miguel is a refreshing change. He wrote Beyonce’s ‘Rocket’ which could be considered one the best songs on that entire album. Beyonce, as an aside, please continue to use the songwriters you used for your last album, because it was #flawless and should have won album of the year. Okay, I’m done. 

Anyway, the reason why I love/hate Miguel is because his songs cancel each other out. For every one great song, he makes three crappy ones. 

See the lists below and let me know if you agree pretty girls: 

Great Miguel Songs 

  • Coffee 
  • A beautiful exit 
  • Sure Thing
  • All I Want is You
  • Adorn
  • Girl with the tattoo 
  • Girls like you 
  • Teach Me 
  • Simple Things 
  • nwa 

Not-so-Great Miguel Songs

  • The rest of the entire All I Want is You album (seriously.)
  • The rest of the entire Kaleidoscope Dream album (seriously. It sucked!) 
  • The rest of the entire Wildheart album (like seriously, again, it sucked!) 

I think you can see the pattern. Miguel is skillful at making amazing singles, but his albums fall apart. They have no cohesiveness. It’s like a box of crayons. Every song is different and it makes for hard listening. When I want to feel like a boss, I listen to Beyoncé. When I want to feel fiesty, I listen to Nicki Minaj. When I want to feel sexy, I listen to Drake. When I want to chill, I listen to The Weeknd. 

But Miguel? Listening to his album could have you feeling sexy one minute, fiesty the next, then saying wth the next minute and frantically pushing fast forward. 

The talent is there. The voice is there. Now, he just needs to focus on invoking one emotion in his listeners, whether it’s love, happiness, anger, sex, or Netflix & Chill and then stick to that one emotion. 

If he can do that, he will have an award winning album on his hands. 


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