What I Would Tell My Daughter 

As of right now, I have one child. A handsome, amazing, wonderfully terrific two-year-old son! But, if I had a daughter, there are some things that I would tell her every single day. 

1. You are beautiful. I wouldn’t let a day go by without telling her how beautiful she was, inside and out. I would be her biggest cheerleader and I would make her feel like the amazing little lady that she is.  

2. Life is not a competition. I would want her to know that she doesn’t have to compare herself to any of her friends, her classmates or even her older brother. I would tell her that all little girls are wonderful in their own unique way and that she should never feel like she can’t let her star shine just to make others feel better about their insecurities. 

3. You are enough. I would want her to know that there is no race to get married and have children. There is no race to like a boy or to get a boy to like you. Having a family doesn’t complete you. It compliments you. Only you can complete you. 

4. You are wonderfully made. I would never want my insecurities to reflect on my daughter. She would never hear me say that I look fat or feel ugly because I would never want her to look at herself that way, especially since she was made of me. Skinny, chubby, short, tall, lighter, darker, I would tell her everyday that she is so beautiful just the way she is and I’d hurt anyone that made her feel otherwise. 

5. I love you. She would know that there isn’t anything that she could ever do to make me stop loving her. There is nothing she could do that would make me ashamed of her. There is nothing she could do that she should be too afraid to tell me. That anything that happens, good or bad, we will get through it together. 

6. You cannot be replaced. She would know that no man in the world would ever come before her. She would feel and be protected at all times. I pray that her father be the first man to love her so deeply that he sets the bar too high for any mortal man to reach. 


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