You Are Enough

Honestly. You are. 

Being on the other side of marriage makes it a lot easier to say this and to truly believe it. And while I am happily, happily, happily, married, I feel like sometimes outside pressures (insert family, friends, strangers) make a girl feel like she needs to be married by a certain age in order to be considered socially acceptable. 

“When are you going to get married?”

“Are you still single?”

“Have you found anyone yet?”

“I know a great guy.”

These were all things I heard from well-meaning friends and family. And while I know that they were showing concern, it was still annoying. Maybe I wanted to be single. Or maybe I didn’t. Either way, it was my personal business and I felt less than anytime someone asked, as if me, myself and I just wasn’t enough. 

I hope no one makes you feel this way my single pretty girl. And if they do, don’t believe them. 

You are enough. 


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