Every Woman is Insecure

Women are insecure. 

 All women are insecure. 


Because we live in a world where women like Serena Williams are called manly.  A pregnant Kim Kardashian is called fat.  A slimmer Beyonce is called sickly.  

Basically, women are insecure because there is no pleasing anyone.  There is no body type that is considered acceptable.  










It doesn’t matter your height, weight, build, body type, or label.  We are never enough.  

Nothing is ever enough.  

Serena Williams is not manly.  And if she is, then give me her body and call me manly all day long.  She is athletic and fit and amazing.  Kim Kardashian is not fat.  She is pregnant, as in, doing one of the most amazing things a woman can ever do…create life.  And Beyonce has chosen to eat less meat and go vegan for periods of time.  To me, that’s being healthy, considerate for animals, and good for the environment.  

I think that now is the time for all women to embrace the bodies they have and to rage against the machine that is conformity. 

Do not go gentle into that good night. 


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