The Art of Letting Go

Time travel is not real. There is no DeLorean that can transport you back into time in order to right your wrongs, or do things differently.  

If there were, we would all be in line for an infinite amount of do-overs. 

Instead, we have to sleep in the bed we have made. We have to find some way to be okay with the decisions that we have made and where they have lead us. 

It’s funny because up until yesterday, I always had a ‘Back to the Future’ mentality.  I always felt like there would come a time when I could change each decision I made.  

Take the red pill instead of the blue pill.  Pick door number one instead of door number two.  Take a left at the fork in the road instead of a right. 

But, life doesn’t work that way. 

Sometimes we make a decision that elminates all other alternative realities for our future selves.  Sometimes we choose a path and that path is the path that we have to stick with.  

It’s like being able to choose only one skittle. 

We choose the red one, but, in the back of our minds, we can still see all of the other skittles.  We think that if we want to change our pick that we can.  That we can always put the red one back, pick up the yellow one instead. 

I have finally come to realize that with some things, we cannot simply change our minds.  

We chose the red one.  

We have to keep the red one.  

The yellow one is no longer an option.  Someone else has already picked that one and we must be happy with the one in our hands.  

With the red. 


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