Beauty Blender 

So, I have a secret. My concealer, foundation and even my powder is so flawlessly smooth and blended thanks to my pink Beauty Blender. 
These things are amazing. They have the ability to smooth and blend your makeup without soaking it up like other makeup sponges do. And the narrow tip makes it easy to blend into the creases, like the corners of your eyes, your hairline, or your jawbone. 

This little pink sponge is the reason why my makeup is flawless every day…and why it takes me less than ten minutes to complete my look. 

And at less than twenty bucks, it is definitely worth the price. 

Here’s a hint, those off-brand sponges work just as well, however, they are harder to clean and not as durable as the Beauty Blender, but, if you’re on a budget, they aren’t a bad replacement. 


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