My Eyelash Extension Experience 

So, about six months ago I went and got professional eyelash extensions. I’m a little on the fence about whether I would get them again or not, but here’s my review. 

It took about thirty minutes for the technician to finish. She put on individual lashes made of 100% human hair. The first day they felt a little uncomfortable, but after that, they felt completely natural and I forgot they were even on. 

The technician said they would last three to four weeks, and she underestimated. After about six weeks they were still looking presentable, but they did have a little dust in them that made them clunkier than I would like and I was ready to take them off. To remove, I applied eye makeup remover and waited about ten minutes until they slid right off. 

The only problem was that I looked crazy afterwards. Although my natural lashes were still in tact, they looked sparse and barely there. Even with mascara, I just couldn’t see them because there was such a dramatic difference between the falsies and my natural lashes.  It took a couple of weeks before my lashes went back to normal

Overall, I don’t know if I would recommend them simply because it would become one of those things you have to maintain for life, and who wants to do that? I also think the glue might not be good for your natural lashes or your eyes long-term. 

So, if you want amazingly dramatic lashes, what’s a pretty girl to do? 

Stay tuned! 


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