Matte at Me

I am in love with the matte lip look. I think it’s so beautiful, especially when applied correctly. The problem comes when you’re trying to find a matte lipstick in just the right shade. 

So, how do you find a matte lipstick that flatters you without breaking the bank or buying out the entire cosmetics counter? 

You make your own. 

Any pretty girl can turn her favorite lipstick into a matte lipstick in a few simple steps. 

First, line your lips with lip liner and apply your favorite shade of lipstick. Then, using a small blending makeup brush, apply powder over your lipstick until all of the shine and moisture is absorbed. You can use a powder that matches your skin tone, a bronzer, a highlighter powder, or powder blush, depending on the color of your lipstick. Continue to blend powder over lip color until you achieve the matte look that you desire. 


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