Winter Toes


During the summer months, my toes stay painted in bright hues of pink and sometimes French pedicured. I like to go get professional pedicures at least once a month, and in between I do them myself. 

But, during the winter, I like to give my little piggies a break. Follow this simple care routine to maintain your pretty girl feet and have them ready for next summer: 

1. Give the color polish a rest. During the winter, take a break from painting your toes. Constant colored polishes can turn your toenails yellow. Instead, take the time to push back your cuticles and protect your toenails with a clear, strengthening polish. This will ensure that your nails stay clear and strong and ready for polish once winter is over. 

2. Keep your soles soft. Nothing is worse than dry, cracked feet. Before your shower, use a file to gently remove any dead skin from the soles of your feet. After your shower, slather your feet with 100% pure Shea butter and cover with warm, fuzzy socks to keep the moisture in. 

3. Wear comfortable shoes most of the time. While there will be times when you must wear those six-inch heels that kill your feet, on most days, try and wear comfortable shoes that don’t cramp your toes. This will help to prevent corns, hammer toes, and all of those ugly things that can happen when your feet are crammed inside uncomfortable, but oh-so-cute shoes.  


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