60 Day Relationship Challenge

  I’ve been trying to read both of Lala Anthony’s books, The Love Playbook, and The Power Playbook. Although I haven’t had much time to really delve into them, I was flipping through her relationship book a few days ago (on my iPhone, of course, because I just can’t with paper books anymore). 

Anyway, she talks about something called a 60 day relationship challenge, and I really liked the idea, so I plan on trying it. I’ve listed below what it’s all about, in case you want to try it too! 

  • First, pick something that you currently do that gets on your man’s nerves. Then, make a conscious effort not to do it for the next 60 days. For me, it’s nagging. No matter what it is, whether he forgot to take out the trash, left a bottle top on the floor and Carter got it, or messed up my Cookout order, I have a bad habit of getting mad about it and letting him have it. So, for the next 60 days, I plan on trying to let things go, especially the small things. No matter what happens, I am going to try and not get mad (within reason, of course).
  • Second, do a few things that you normally don’t do. Write him a note telling him how amazing he is. Cook him something different for dinner. Surprise him with his favorite video game, movie, or tickets to see his favorite team play. You could also surprise him with a few “special” favors that you don’t often do, if you know what I mean. 
  • At the end of 60 days, reevaluate how it went. Did your relationship get stronger? Did you have less arguments? Did you find that he naturally reciprocated or noticed that you suddenly became less annoying? Is there anything else you want to work on? 

Anthony recommends that you don’t tell him about the challenge. Just make the changes and see what happens. She also urges you to stick with the changes, no matter what he does, good or bad. Meaning, if he forgets to pick up what you asked for at the store, or if he says something insensitive, you can’t decide that the 60 day challenge is over. You’ve got to stick with it. 

Anthony says that it made her relationship stronger. And as far as I know, Carmelo hasn’t been linked to any sort of public scandal, which means she’s doing something right. 

To find out more, her books are available in the Apple bookstore, on Kindle and in the android library. 


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