For My Short Girls

I’m 5’1″. I think I’ve been this height since I was like 13. It’s like when I hit 7th grade my body just said, okay, that’s it, I’m done. And it just stopped growing. 

I have always hated my height. I don’t like being short. Short girls can’t reach things on high shelves. Short girls feel like children next to their tall friends. Short girls often can’t be seen in photos because someone is always blocking her. Short girls have to always stand in front on group photos. Short girls have a hard time finding pants that aren’t too long, even in petite sizes. 

I could go on and on. However, I am going to try and do something different this time. I’m going to think of 10 amazing things about being short. 

10. You can get people to reach things for you while you sit back and watch. 

9. You don’t have to worry about dating guys taller than you because most guys are taller than you. 

8. You can easily fit into small spaces. 

7. You never have to worry about having enough leg room. 

6. You can always wear heels when you want to feel taller. 

5. You can hide behind other people when around someone you don’t want to talk to. 

4. It’s easier to squat over public toilet seats. 

3. People will think you’re a teenager even when you’re in your 30s (and 40s)! 

2. You never have to worry about your skirts being too short beacause they have less leg to cover. 

1. Guys love short girls! 



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