On Being a Real Sports Fan

A lot more women are into watching sports than ever before. And while some of these women are legitimate sports fans, others are passive fans (i.e. they root for the home team but couldn’t name five players on it) or are fake fans that simply like a team because their man does, but watch sports while doing other things and have no clue what’s going on. 

I don’t want you pretty girls to be either of those type of girls, because they are just annoying. So, how can you improve your sports accumen? Easy. By following the tips below. 

Guys like girls that know sports. You can’t just be a passive watcher. You can’t just like his team. If you’re going to like his team, then you’ve got to do your research and know the players, stats and record of his team. 

Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, or golf, take the time to learn the key players, positions and overall rules of the game. 

And don’t be the chick that talks during the game. If you’re going to watch the game with him, and if you must talk, ask questions related to the game so that he can educate you. This will make him feel like a man and it will also show that you have a true interest in the sport and aren’t just watching it to impress him. 

Also, listen to sports radio shows and watch ESPN like you’re studying for the bar exam. When I was trying to learn more about football, I listened to Mike and Mike every morning while getting ready for work. Then, I listened to the First Take podcast on the way home from work. While getting dressed for bed, I would catch up on the highlights by watching ESPN. I also paid close attention to the game and the calls the referees made. 

Now, I know what the penalty will be as soon as the flag is thrown. I know the names of most players and their positions. I play fantasy football in a league of all boys and I’m holding my own. I’m proud of the fact that now I don’t just watch football, but I understand football (even better than a lot of men). 

Currently, I’m working on raising my awareness of basketball. One sport at a time. 

Finally, my best advice is if you don’t like sports, don’t pretend. It’s okay if you rather paint your nails or watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix instead of watch the game. Trust me, your guy won’t mind if you give him his space on Sundays. He would rather that, than having you pretend to like sports and talk or complain or make stupid comments the whole time. 


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