My Life Will Not be Televised 


Social media has brainwashed us. It has tricked us into believing that we need to share every detail of our lives with the world. That everything we eat should be snapchatted, everywhere we go should be instagramed, every thing we think should be tweeted, and that a full synopsis of our lives should be posted on our Facebook wall. 


For what reason? 

So that we can share things about our personal lives that we would have never shared before? So that we can pick and choose the things we show to people to make them envious of the “perfect” lives we live? 

Does anyone really care that I went to that amazing sushi place? 

Does anyone really need to know that I’m at home watching Netflix? 

Does it really matter that I’m mad at Fitz for moving Olivia into the White House? 

And, why in the world in this age of cyber hacking should I post my life story on the Internet for the world to see? 

My page is on private. 

I only follow friends…family. 

Okay. That’s cool. But still, I’m asking, does every moment in life need a picture, a tweet, a post? 

I think not. 

Sometimes it’s okay to take a picture and….not post it. I’ll give you a second to catch your breath. What ever happened to taking pictures for photo albums? For the memories? Just because? 

Sometimes it’s okay to eat a good meal and not take a picture of it. Not tell everyone where you’re at and what you’re eating and tag the location. Sometimes it’s okay just to enjoy the meal. Sometimes that’s enough. 

Sometimes it’s okay to think something and not Tweet it. Or post it. Here’s a secret…no one cares. Really, they don’t. 

Oh, they may double-click on your photo, or press like on your post, or favorite your tweet. But they are only doing it to be nice. 

If we were all being real, everyone would have maybe two likes. Three at the most. 

Not to mention the hours we waste.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened IG just to take a peek at my timeline and…four hours later. 


I say no more. 

I will no longer press like if I do not actually like your picture. You’ll know it’s real if I tattoo a comment on it. 

My life will not be televised. I no longer have time to post a hundred pictures of my life because I’m too busy living it. And when I do post, know that it was intentional and meticulous, and worthy of being posted. 

Wouldn’t life be grand if everyone else did the same? 


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