My Thoughts on the former UFC Champ

Ronda Rousey. 

There have been moments when I’ve heard her on interviews and I’ve liked what she said. I thought she stood for female power, for strength, and for a sense of bravado. 

However, I can’t say that I wasn’t pleased when I found out she lost to Holly Holm in Melbourne yesterday. 


Because she needed to lose. She’s too arrogant. She is not the best female fighter in the world, although she claims to be. She always has something negative to say about everyone, and she has no humility whatsoever. 

And I think some of that comes from having to be tough. I mean, you fight for a living, so you can’t be soft. 

However, whatever happened to letting your actions speak for you? 

The day of the fight, in pre-fight interviews, they get in each other’s faces and have to be pulled apart. All for show? 

You would think. 

But then, Rousey posted a video of it on Instagram, and began to call Holm fake and that her humility was phony and that she’s a fake “preacher’s daughter.” Sounds to me like anyone who would take the time to post that on social media really had a problem with Holm and that maybe Holm got into Rousey’s head. 

Either way, Rousey is the one eating humble pie today after that kick to the face knocked her out in the second round. 

And social media is not going easy on her either. The memes are cruel. Funny, but cruel. And does she deserve it? After what she’s said about other people, maybe. 

She’ll need to go hide somewhere and lick her wounds. 

But, hopefully, she will come out of this more humble and less critical of others. 


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