My Take on Faux Handbags

Last week I was at a conference and there were vendors selling Michael Kors’ bags. They were really nice, and pretty, and cheap. 

They were also fake. 

I have to be honest and say that I used to buy fake handbags all the time. Coach. LV. Fendi. 

But, when I bought my first Coach bag from the Coach store with my own hard-earned $300, I felt a since of pride.

When I carried that bag around, I rocked it. I mean I rocked it. And I think that’s because I knew that it was real. 

Most fake handbags have signs of being fake. You can see it in the stitching. The zippers. The logos. And the inner linings. These are all signs of craftsmanship. Of whether or not a bag is real or fake. 

Of course, some fake bags look so real that no one can tell the difference.  But even if no one else can tell, I can. 
And there’s something about carrying a fake bag that makes me feel a little less than. 

I deserve a real Coach bag. A real Michael Kors bag. A real Fendi bag. A real LV bag. 

And so do you pretty girl! 

So, how do you buy yourself that amazing designer bag without breaking the bank? 

Checkout this website for designer bags that are on sale (you can even make payments on them!) and thank me later. 💋


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