But You Say He’s Just a Friend…

I’ve done about a dozen blog posts on this topic and I think my opinion changes with each new post. I guess that’s because events in my life shape my attitude towards how I feel on the subject. 

So, when you ask me can men and women just be friends, my answer may vary based on my current circumstance. 

Right now, I feel like women (and men) worry about the unimportant things (myself included). 

Credit bad. No money in the bank account. Isis killing everyone. Can’t get stopped by the police without getting shot. Sex so sporadic you can’t remember the last time you had it. Kids. Bills. Obligations. Aging parents. Social media. Work. Money. Work. Money. 

People deal with so many issues that deserve so much more attention than who’s friends with whom (myself included). 

Personally, I hate being that insecure female that goes through her man’s phone and feels the need to ‘pee’ on him to mark her territory. I mean, the psycho wife comes out of me sometimes and I begin to feel some sort of way about everything. Then, I come to my senses and end up just feeling stupid for being jealous over nothing in the first place. 

I say all of this to say that once and for all, men and women can be friends when there are no feelings involved. When you do not want that person romantically and when they don’t want you. 

Just because you’re of the opposite sex does not mean that there is instant attraction. And just because I used to be into you doesn’t mean I’m into you anymore. 

I’m ready to stop being so insecure all the time. Aren’t you? 


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