Nobody Wants Your Man


This is just me being honest, because you know at PGR, we are always honest. 

I fully respect relationships. Whether you are boyfriend or girlfriend…husband or wife…just friends…ex-husband and ex-wife…baby momma and baby daddy…it doesn’t matter to me. 

When I speak to someone, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, over the phone, or through text message, there are no feelings involved. I’m usually just saying, “Hey. What’s up? How are you and your girl doing?” 


I don’t usually check in on people, mostly because I don’t care, but if I do check in, it’s because they are like family, not because I still have feelings. 

Feelings don’t live here boo. 

So, let’s be clear. I don’t want your man. 

No one wants your man but you. 

When I had a chance to have your man, and I’ve had many, many chances, I turned him down. 

Every. Single. Time. 

I chose to take a different path with my life and I’m happy with the path that I’ve chosen. 

My husband is a wonderful man, a wonderful father, and he can get and keep a job with ease because he has no criminal record. 

Shade. No shade. 

Nobody wants your man. 


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