Who are You? 

It’s sad when you’re forced to face the reality that people you used to know are no longer the people you thought they were. 

That they changed. 

That they became the people you both used to hate. 

It’s funny because those same people easily forget how many times you helped them. How you got them a job in college. How you gave them money when they needed it. How you gave them a car when they didn’t have one with no strings attached. 

How you came to see them when they were down. Drove over three hours for visits. Spent hundreds of dollars on collect calls. 

It’s sad when you’re forced to realize that people change. That they move on. That they forget everything you’ve ever done for them, everything they’ve ever done for you. 

All I can say is that I hope things work out for you. I hope that it’s worth it. I hope that things go the way you plan, because it’s impossible to cross bridges you’ve burnt. 


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