D.I.Y. Cream Foundation

So, you have a liquid foundation that you’re absolutely in love with, but it only provides light to medium coverage, and you need some heavy coverage…

I face this problem all the time. As a teen, I had severe acne which left acne scars that, while are not as visible as they used to be, are still there. Plus, there’s the time of the month when my entire face breaks out (you know what I’m talking about). Either way, on most days, I need full coverage foundation. 

Well, I’ve found a way to make my own cream foundation from liquid foundation. Using cream foundation allows me to layer it and create a heavier coverage without a cakey makeup look and without it coming off on everything I touch. 

So, how do I do it? 

Well, I take my usual liquid foundation (Maybelline Fit Me Normal to Dry Foundation in 330 Toffee) and I pour a little into a small bowl. I then allow it to sit out overnight. In the morning, it’s creamy and ready to be applied. 

I think this only works well with a liquid foundation that’s normal to dry. A liquid foundation for oily skin may not have enough ‘oil’ in it to keep it from drying out completely. 

With this method, my foundation glides on easily, covering every blemish without looking too heavy. I also feel like it allows my skin to be less oily and I no longer find myself having to apply powder throughout the day in order to control shine. 


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