Fine at Any Size


This post is for all of my plus size divas that don’t think they deserve to take care of their looks until they’ve lost weight. 

You know…those women that refuse to buy themselves new clothes because they won’t be big for long? 

Or those women that don’t take the time to put on sexy lingerie, a fashionable outfit or an amazing pair of heels because they think they’re ‘too big’ to dress that way? 

Or those women that don’t do their hair, or makeup, or nails, or take care of necessary female grooming because they don’t feel like they deserve it?

Yeah, this is to those ladies. 
You listening? 

Wake the @$&! up! 

Stop waiting for that moment when you’re at your ‘dream weight’ to buy that amazing dress, that new bra, or those red bottoms. Stop wearing the same old frumpy clothes, worn out hair styles and tired makeup. Stop walking around with chipped nail polish and ugly shoes. 


Just. Stop. 

The last time I checked, there wasn’t a weight requirement for beauty. No one is standing at the MAC counter with a scale. No one is at the hair salon refusing to dye those roots until you drop 10 pounds. 

So stop. 

Just. Stop. 

Look amazing  now! 

And if you want to lose weight, then lose weight. But don’t wait for weight loss to start looking and feeling better and treating yourself well. 

You are a pretty girl at every size! 



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