Yes, Some Men Really do Like Big Girls

I know it sounds hard to believe, but not every man wants a supermodel. 

Not every man wants the skinny girl. 

There are actually plenty of successful, good-looking men out here that like larger women. 

Before I met my husband, most of the guys I dated would tell me, “You’re beautiful for a big girl.” Or, “I usually don’t talk to big girls, but you’re so fine.”

It was as if my weight was a handicap, but my beauty made up for it. And that sucked. While these men would spend a few months enjoying me and everything about me, conversations would invariably come back to my weight. 

I’ve dated guys that wanted to be my personal trainer. Guys who wanted me to lose a few pounds. I even dated a guy that paid me $20 for every pound I lost! 

How insane is that? 

I mean, when they met me, they clearly saw that I wasn’t a size 2. So, why were they trying to change me? 

Me being me, I would always retort with a sarcastic comment about how I’d lose the weight when they added a few inches down below. And then the relationship would eventually fizzle out. 

But, with my husband, things were drastically different. When I first met him, I knew that he was attracted to me because of my size and not despite it. 

He opened my eyes to a whole new world. One where men liked big women. And I’m not talking about that weird sexual fetish where men like to watch morbidly obese women overeat or even chubby chasers. I’m talking about normal, good-looking guys that are attracted to full-figured women. 

Kind of like how some men like blondes and some like brunettes? Well, some men like their women thin and some men like their women curvy. 


To be loved and adored and made to feel sexy…every part of me? That’s something I had never experienced before. 

While I am trying to drop a few pounds to just get healthier and happier with myself and for myself, I know that I will never be that skinny girl. And that’s okay. Because big girls need love too and there are plenty of men ready and willing to love us! 


2 thoughts on “Yes, Some Men Really do Like Big Girls

  1. Love this post. So true, I have found the same thing in my marriage..Its so nice to be loved for me and not for what I look like..Cant wait to see more posts from you. XO

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