iPhone 6S Plus Review


I was having problems with my iPhone 6 Plus and decided to upgrade to the 6S. Mind you, I did not want the 6S. I wanted to hold out for the 7, because I have a feeling that the iPhone 7 is going to be out of this world. 

Anyway, let’s just agree that Apple gets about 1/3 of my monthly paycheck! 

Okay, so, what do I think? 

Well, if you’re upgrading from the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, or 6, then you’re going to love it. If you’re upgrading from the 6 Plus, then it’s going to seem pretty much like the exact same phone. 

While there are many new features of the S version, the only wonderful things about my new phone are: 

  • The fact that I chose space grey as opposed to gold or rose gold this time. I can’t believe how much different the space grey is in terms of appearance. The all black face is simply gorgeous. It’s sleek and so sexy. I bought a matching black case and for the first time ever, I’m happy with the way my phone looks! I’m never going back to the white face. Space grey, all day! 
  • Front flash for selfies. While my selfies have always been flawless because I know how to find the light *in my Tyra Banks voice* having the front flash is actually really helpful when taking selfies at parties, clubs, the movies, or other places with dark lighting. 
  • Hey Siri. I like being able to just say, “Hey Siri,” as opposed to having to press a button. For example, yesterday while I was driving, I sent a completely hands-free text to the hubby. Siri even read it aloud to me so that I didn’t have to look at the phone. She gets smarter and smarter with every update. 

Yeah. That’s about it so far. But, it has only been about two weeks, so I may discover some more added features that I like. As of now, I’m not a big fan of 3D Touch or the peek, hold, or Live Photos because they really serve no purpose in my life. 

And I still feel like the iPhone 7 is going to change the game. But, the 6S will do for now. 

Thinking of upgrading? 

Well, if you really need a new phone, I’d say getting the 6S Plus (in space grey, of course) would be your best move. 

However, if you can hold out for the 7, then do it. I just have a feeling that next year Apple will finally do something to impress us. (I hope). 


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