33 Things

In May, I will be turning 33. 


And, every year, I make a list of things that I want to accomplish at that age, and every year, I do one or two of those things. 

Well, this year, leading up to the big 3-3, I have created a list of 33 things that I want to accomplish, and I plan on starting them a little early so that I can do all 33 of them. 

Some of these things are, learning how to swim (fear of drowning), learning how to roller skate (fear of falling), wearing a bathing suit on the beach without a cover-up (fear of being judged), running a 5k (fear of dying), wearing a crop top in public (again, fear of being judged), sending a bouquet of flowers to my job (no fear there), just to name a few. 

The entire list can be found on the PGR Pinterest account, @prettygirlspin. Feel free to look us up on Pinterest and follow me on my journey. 



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