Daringly Different 

I love my mom. I do. She is a loving and amazing woman. 

But, I didn’t get my confidence from my mother. I got my confidence despite my mother. My mother has a tendency to be critical. 

Don’t wear that blouse. It’s too low. 

Your hair is too short. 

Your hair is too long. 

You have on too much makeup. 

There are very few looks that my mom ever liked on me while I was growing up. Which is what made me so independently narcissistic. 

I don’t care how anyone feels about how I look except me. As long as I feel like I look good, then I look good. In fact, when people compliment me, I change my look immediately. 

It’s weird, but I do better without compliments. Without fan fare. 

I’m my own fan fare! 

I’m on my own biggest fan! 

I’m not afraid to be bold. I’m not afraid to try new looks. I’m not afraid to be different. I embrace it. Thrive on it. All thanks to my mom. So, I guess her critiques ended up making me stronger and more self-confident in the end. 

Thanks Mom. 


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