Weight Watchers Goes Beyond the Scale

Weight Watchers has gone ‘Beyond the Scale.’ According to their website, they have a new holistic approach to weight loss, which involves making better choices in regards to food and fitness. 

I have always been a fan of WW. It’s the only plan I’ve done that doesn’t feel excruciatingly painful. It fits into my life easily and it’s not something I’m looking to go “off” of. 

With 30 pounds gone, I’m looking for something that I can incorporate into my life for the long haul. Something that fits. 

And I think this is it! 

The plan always makes me want to make the best food options, but I love the fact that I can also still enjoy some of my favorite foods. 

Plus, the new FitConnect makes me want to work out. I was sitting on the couch looking at my blank fitness dashboard, when I decided to do something about it. I worked out (danced up a sweat) for 45 minutes! And it was fun! I never would have done that on a plan that gave me strict exercises to do. 

I’m also really enjoying the ‘Connect’ aspect of it, which feels like Instagram for WW. Everyone on there is so encouraging and we are all on the same plan and on the same mission! That alone was enough to make going back worth it. 

They say whatever you do to lose weight, you must be willing to do for life, or the weight loss won’t last. This is the only plan that doesn’t feel like a diet, so I know I would gladly do it for life. I mean, it’s been around for 50 years! And there are thousands of people that have lost weight and kept it off with WW. But, it has to fit your personality. Not every plan is a fit for everyone. This one just happens to fit me like a glove. 

It just feels good. 



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