On Puppy Love

unnamed (1)

We’ve all been there.

In love.  Smitten.  Twitterpatted.

All with that boy in middle school or high school (or even college) that smiled at us and told us how pretty we were, and we fell for it.

We blushed.  Giggled.  Played coy.

He made us feel special and wanted.

And we were his.

Until we weren’t.

Until things went left and we broke up.  Burned all of his love letters, erased his phone number from our memories, tore up all the pictures of him, and bashed him with our girlfriends until we felt better.

And then, years later, we wondered what we ever saw in that guy.  And that’s always how it is.


Because…we grow up.  Our tastes change.  What we once thought was cute and funny, we now just find stupid and annoying.  Which is natural.

Girls like boys.  Women like men.

So, if you’re a young pretty girl and you’re reading this, know that the boy you think is so awesome now may break your heart later.  And that’s okay.  Because you won’t want him in a few years anyway.


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