Attitude Shifting

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So often we find ourselves absorbed in things we hate or things that bring us stress, grief, or disappointment.  We sit in traffic and complain about terrible drivers all the way to work.  We get to work and complain about our crumby jobs and awful coworkers.  We run out for a fast-food lunch and complain about the service and the terrible food.  We come back to work and complain about how long it’s taking for us to get off work.  We get off work and complain about the traffic, again. We get home and complain about the dirty dishes, the bed not being made, the house not being cleaned, and having to cook dinner and care for the children.  We complain while we clean and cook and put the kids to bed.  Then, we complain about how tired we are.  We go to sleep, only to repeat this cycle of complaining all over again tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next.

But, what would happen if we made an attitude shift?

If we decided to stop complaining and start looking for as many things to love in our lives as possible.

If we listened to that audio book we’ve been meaning to read on the way to and from work.  If we looked at our job as a source of income as opposed to being a source of happiness.  If we looked at our coworkers as colleagues instead of expecting them to be our best friends.  If we did our best at our jobs, expecting nothing in return but a paycheck at the end of the week.  If we packed a healthy lunch the night before and enjoyed it at the park or by the lake.  If we got home and actually asked for help with the cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids instead of trying to be superwoman all the time.  Or if we just ordered in, left those stupid dishes in the sink and saved our energy for quality time with the hubby and kids.

What would happen if we approached every event in our lives with this attitude?


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