Do Something Nice For Yourself

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Why wait for a man to do something sweet for you?

Here are five things you can do for yourself to make your own day, because while luxe ladies love for men to pamper them, they understand the importance of loving themselves.

  1. Send yourself flowers. Sending yourself a dozen roses is an easy way to show some self-love.  Be sure to write a sweet message on the card telling yourself how awesome you are.  Feeling daring?  Have the flowers delivered to your job and then when people ask who sent you flowers, tell them you did!
  2. Play dress up. Take extra care in doing your makeup, hair and putting on something that makes you feel gorgeous, even when all you plan on doing is running errands or window shopping.  Dressing up for no reason at all will make you feel like a million bucks and is a way to show yourself that you don’t need a special event to look fabulous.
  3. Make a “Soundtrack to Your Life” playlist.  One Saturday or Sunday when you have some free time, browse the Apple music app and look for songs you love.  These songs should make you feel butterflies the minute you hear them.  Compile all of these songs into a playlist that you can listen to any time you need a feel-good moment.
  4.  Buy yourself a card. Go to the store and pick out a card just for you.  Maybe it could be a thank-you card, a get well soon card, or just a funny greeting card that makes you laugh.  Write a personal message to yourself and keep it someplace where you can see it all the time.
  5. Do some online shopping. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t start shopping for clothes online a whole lot sooner.  I’ve always hating shopping in stores.  The thought of trying on a million and one different outfits drives me insane.  But, online shopping, I mean, where do I begin?  They always have the size you’re looking for in the color you want and there’s always a sale.  As a plus-size girl, this has been an ultimate life-saver for me.  In a world where buying clothes in the store means trying on clothes that don’t fit or settling for the “big girl” clothes, online, there are tons of fashion designers that make clothes specifically for us, and they are the kind of clothes we want to wear.  I’m talking cute crop tops (bought one!), bikinis and dresses to die for.  Goodbye Lane Bryant and your stupid animal prints.  Hello couture! I’ve bought a few cute outfits online lately (it’s becoming my addiction).  When you need to do a little something for yourself, go online and pick out something cute.  My personal favorites are “Fashion to Figure” and “Monif C.”

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