3 Steps to a Perfect Selfie

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The elusive perfect selfie.

We all strive to get that selfie right on the first try…but…20 snaps later, and we still don’t have one picture worth posting.

Follow the tips below to take that perfect selfie the first time:

  1. Lighting.  It’s all about the lighting.  Make sure that you’re in a location with lighting that compliments your skin.  While natural light is best, bathroom lights are also flattering.  If you’re in a dim room, you could also stand beside a lamp for a nice, natural glow.
  2. Smile.  While pouting and serious selfies are “cute,” smiling can take your selfie from blah to bam.  If you want a more “sexy” selfie, do a slight, sly smile.  And don’t forget to let your smile reach your eyes (or “smize” a la Tyra Banks).
  3. Reduce shine.  Prior to snapping that perfect selfie, make sure that you’re face is not shiny by gently running a powder brush over it.  You can also blot your face with a napkin, a paper towel, tissue, etc.  Anything to take the shine away, because shine does not look good on anyone.

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