3 Ways to Spend Less Time on Your Cell Phone

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We all spend way too much time staring at the little screen in the palm of our hands.  But, who can blame us?  Our smartphones literally hold everything important in our lives.  They keep us connected to the world around us.  They are an extension of who we are.

But, if your goal this year is to spend less time on your phone, these three tips may help:

  1. Set a time limit.  Set a goal of how much time you want to spend on your phone and stick to it.  For example, if you only want to spend a total of 4 hours on your phone throughout the day, limit yourself to that 4 hours and when you’ve reached that limit, put your phone down.  You can easily keep track by using a free app.  One really good one is called “Moment” which you can find here.
  2. Break the habit.  If you have a habit of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, break the habit by keeping your phone out of reach.  If you use it for your alarm, it may be better to use an old-fashioned alarm clock.  Breaking the habit of picking up your phone as soon as you wake up can keep you from checking your e-mail, Instagram, messages, and on and on.  If you remove looking at your phone from your morning routine, you will have gained at least an hour of cell-phone-free time.
  3. Leave it at home.  I know this is a scary thought, but try going out without your phone.  Give yourself a moment to see what it feels like to live off-the-grid.  If you’re worried about emergencies and staying connected, then take your phone with you, but leave it in the car, or leave it in your purse.  Instead of taking pictures of your dinner, actually, I don’t know, enjoy your dinner.  Getting back to living in the moment as opposed to capturing the moment can help you enjoy your life even more.

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