3 Ways to Start Losing Weight Today


If your goal is drop a few pounds before summer, following the three easy tips below will get you closer to your goal:

  1. Eat more colors.  Add more variety to your diet by including a wide range of fruits and vegetables.  The greater the range of colors in your diet, the healthier it will be.  When going for fruits, try and pick ones that are in season in your local area.  When going for veggies, fresh or frozen are always a better choice than canned, which can be full of sodium.  You can also visit your local farmer’s market for a larger selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Drink more water. You can easily include more water in your diet by making it the only beverage you drink.  Aim to drink 8 oz. of water every hour and you’ll reach a gallon of water a day in no time.  Water works to flush out toxins, stave off hunger, and keep your metabolism running in optimal condition.
  3. Get up and move. Including more activity in your life is a great way to burn extra calories, but moving more doesn’t have to be as formal as going to the gym.  You could do Zumba, walk the dog, play with your kids, or dance around the house to your favorite music.  I love to dance to YouTube videos (i.e. whip/nae nae, wobble, cupid shuffle, etc.).  I can spend about an hour dancing around the house and be dripping sweat and having a great time, as opposed to forcing myself to “work out” where I barely break a sweat. 

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